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Oliver & Co(de)

a dev, his diary, and code


by Oliver Ayers

I have a few projects in planning stages, mostly websites: professional websites for a couple of artist friends of mine, a website for a religion/performance piece I’m part of, a podcast website template (backburner for now), and further developments for the two websites I already maintain (this one and the podcast website).

Bailey Davenport, painter and performance artist:

Minimum requirements:

Ernest Churchill, composer and musician:

Minimum requirements:

The Fellowship of the Incarnate Divine:

Brainstorming because this one is weird:

Research: has Who Are We? and a little explanation on their homepage, plus links to their publications, the text of the actual bible (plus translations etc), news, a more detailed “about” page, a search bar, and user login functionality (what purpose does that serve for their website??). Other links too at the bottom, but that’s the main stuff.

SRF’s website has a photo of the temple in Encinitas and a picture (colorized b&w photo?? realistic illustration??) of founder Paramahansa Yogananda. Links at the top: Paramahansa Yogananda, About SRF, Meditation & Kriya Yoga, Spiritual Living, Centers & Programs, News, and Bookstore - most with their own nested dropdown menus, so that’s a lot already. Then there’s a small news feed with 3 recent items and a link to the rest, a “Learn to Meditate” image and link with a quote from PY, and a small events feed with 3 recent events and a link to the calendar. Four more image links below those! Intense website. Lots of content. We don’t have that much for the fellowship at this point. But we could do “Origins” and have a description of Gopvindava revealing herself to Sister Sramava. We could have a prophet page, with a list of known prophets, their prophet names, and the holy missions they have set out upon. We also have saints! We probably need a page explaining Truth Acceptance too. Radical Acceptance.

Unarius top menu: Home, Store, Events & Classes, Contact Us, Site Map, Blog, Donate, Free Resources. Then a strip of image (space, planets, symbols, etc) with the name superimposed. Then a side menu (Spiritual and Psychic Growth, Unarius Television Programs, Tesla and Free Energy, Discover Your Past Lives, Extraterrestrial Intelligence, Unarius Espanol, View More Topics), a welcome blurb, some testimonies, “What’s new,” link to blog, email list, link to livestreamed classes, “Founders of Unarius,” YouTube channel link, virtual tour. A lot! Some of it looks like it’s redundant - like, the same content with multiple links to make it seem like they have more than they do, but A) I could be wrong about that and B) even if the kinds of content they produce are limited, the quantity is frankly overwhelming. So many past life reenactments. So many psychodramas. It’s truly astonishing.

Other websites to check out:


Survivor Team Go, a podcast for survivors of trauma:

Next steps: